Craft is a past time or profession that needs knowledge and skill to perfect it. This term is also used  for people who come under the small scale industry. The earlier terms for such people were tinkers or craftsman or crafts woman but in the modern era such people are called artisans.

 Development of craft

Historically craft originated as a tool for a purpose. Human creativity knows no boundaries and as the need arose so also the particular craft was born. For example household craftsman were not as self sufficient as the agricultural craftsman. Craft has undergone a radical change since the era of the Industrial Revolution. With large scale industries coming up, mass production was the rule of the day and hence craft was limited to small industries. At times semi finished material or products are used by craftsman to compete with the large industrial houses.

 Craft Movement

This term came up as a family movement where the family practiced this art as a tradition. It was taken up in various forms like, clay, glass , wood, textile and metals.

 Clay Craft

Clay is fine grained soil that combines with one or more minerals to be used in clay craft. In the early ages clay was used as medicine for the cure of stomach aches. Ceramic clay or better known a s terra cotta.

 Glass Craft

Glass is non amorphous crystalline solid that is often transparent and has wide practical use. Glass can be colored by adding metallic salts so that they are used in stained glass windows, marbles, paper weights and beads. Glass craft is seen in the making of bowls vases, bottles and cutlery.

 Wood Craft

Wood is a porous and fibrous structure found in stem and roots. Wood has been used for over a thousand years. The most common use of wood has always been in the making of furniture and house building. Lately it has been used in making utensils such as chop sticks and spoons. The next generation of wood is lignin used for packaging. Wood has always been used as an artistic medium. Hence it has been used as carvings in statues for millions of years. Musical instruments such as guitar, sitar, and violin are the few examples of wood craft. In sports it is widely used as in cricket, hockey and baseball

 Metal Craft

Metal is a material that is hard, opaque and has good electrical and thermal conductivity .Metal once heated can easily be mounded to create craft items like chairs , tables, cupboards, gates etc.

 Benefits of craft

There are a few things that can help children grow to take up craft as an art or passion.

1. Know the method of doing the art.

2. Know how it helps in developmental goals.

3. Know the difference between arts and crafts

4. Separate craft as an art rather than from the product.

5. Art activities to start in school at an early age.

Craft is the way of making a child healthy, happy and productive.